Title: Guaranteed - Graff Chevrolet - Bay City, MI
Client: Integrity Edge Advertising & Marketing, LLC
Location: Sanford, MI


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Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Do you do home video transfers?
A: Yes! We can transfer your Hi-8, Mini-DV, DVCPRO, Betacam or VHS to DVD. Bear in mind, however, that picture quality will not improve from one media to the other and we can not transfer copyrighted material without written permission from its copyright holders.

Q: Can you shoot our wedding or special family event?
A: While our specialty is providing video for businesses, we are equipped to video record your wedding/family event and can offer a single camera or multi-camera shoot in Standard- or High-Definition. Please call for pricing and availability.

Q: What do you use to edit?
A: We have a full post-production facility with two very high-performance editing stations (a PC and a Mac) loaded with Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro suites and can output to digital formats, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

Q: Are you an advertising agency?
A: No. While we do provide video production for businesses through the ad agencies that represent them, we don't provide the services an ad agency performs such as buying air time, developing marketing strategies, etc. But if you're looking for one, we can put you into contact with one.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We're in Saginaw near the intersection of N. Michigan Ave. and Gennesee Ave. in the 5-story brick Central Warehouse building across from Michigan Coni Island. Because our work takes us in and out of the office all the time, please call ahead and make an appointment if you're coming to see us.

Q: What else do you offer?
A: We also offer the following:
    -Aerial photography
    -A large 30x10x10 green screen in our studio or a portable green screen for on-location shooting
    -FTP uploads and downloads for easier file transfer
    -Radio advertisement production